Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Update: Classifying Real Numbers Foldable

By far, my most popular post had been the classifying real numbers foldable.  Tomorrow I will be taking my Algebra students through the process to make it.  I did a couple of things to hopefully make the process smoother and I thought I would share them.

First of all, I changed the shape of the nesting number sets.  I did this just speed up the cutting process.  I then used the new shapes to make templates for each table group.  I've included the word document for anyone that wants it.  I would just print it out onto card stock and cut them out to make templates for the students to trace.

I also made a "how to" sheet for the students to follow.  This is more for my sanity.  Those who get lost or a step behind can look at the directions sheet and catch up.  This is only for the assembly of the nesting number sets.  If you would like it, it is below.  There are a lot of pictures, so it might take
some time to download.

I hope that these will help those of you thinking of using the foldable with your classes.  I am excited to try it with my kiddos tomorrow!

Update to the Update:
I tried this with my kiddos today.  The directions sheet with the pictures was amazingly helpful.  I explained what to do and then I saw several kids check the directions again.  I didn't have one goof up or have to give out another piece of paper! :)  I was very pleased.  The other thing that the kiddos latched onto was the smiley face stickers.  It really helped them to line up the template correctly and I wasn't asked at all if it was lined up right.  That is a trick I will definitely use again!

It did take time to assemble, so we filled in everything for the rational numbers and it's subsets.  Tomorrow we'll finish.  Next year, I am thinking of making the foldable a homework assignment to make it and then the next day we will fill it in and discuss.  We'll next year I might change my mind altogether! :)


  1. How did you assemble this? Did you just glue the bottom pieces to each other?

    1. Hi Brittany!

      Thanks for your question! The short answer is yes. I told the students that the pieces fit inside of each other and the top flap opened to reveal the one below. Lucky for me they all understood and did it correctly!

      Hope it works well for you in your classes as well!


  2. In your blog you mention a Word file with the directions and template. I would love to send this to a student that I work with remotely, but I don't see the file. I have zero experience with blogs, so maybe I'm missing something. Thanks!

  3. Should be able to see it now!

    1. Where should we find it? I only see the template...not the instructions.

  4. Love this idea! I tried it today with my pre-algebra class and it was fun to see them "get it" and have some a-ha moments. Thanks!!