Friday, September 6, 2013

What I love about this week...

My first week came to an end and I can say I had a very good week.  I have found that some of the changes I have made from years past, I am totally loving!

I am loving... 7th grades willingness to embrace the new ideas in the classroom and the fact that they pick up on my dry sense of humor better. :)

... trash bowls!  I know how weird that sounds, but I briefly used them at the end of the year (after seeing them on a first  grade blog) with positive results.  This year, every table has a deep, plastic bowl that I picked up in May at Walmart for like $2.  The kiddos have really embraced them.  When we make things, they put them out in the center of their tables and put their scraps in them.  At the end, one person empties it and there is no complaining about emptying it either.  They are awesome and my floor has never been cleaner!

... table supply boxes. The kiddos are embracing these as well. When we do projects, one person gets the box and at the end they go back. It's almost like magic! They are respecting the supplies and being careful that everything makes it back into the bin, which makes for a very happy teacher! :)

... dismissing by table groups.  A simple thing to do and I am able to see if everything is put away properly and don't get surprises.  After doing it a couple of days this week, I had that "duh!" moment.  I could have done this a long time ago.

These are just a few things that I am loving about this school year so far.  What are you loving so far this school year?

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