Saturday, September 19, 2015

Exponent Task Cards/Stations

Well, hello everyone!  This has been a crazy summer of job hunting and decision making.  I have found myself back in the classroom teaching sixth and eighth grade math.  The first month of school is almost over and things are going well.

My eighth graders are studying exponents and their rules.  There have been learning so many rules that students are starting to mix them up.  To review the individual rules again, I wanted to have task cards and students moved from station to station.  I had a really hard time finding task cards that just focused on one rule at a time.  So, I made my own set of task cards.

I thought that I would share them in case anyone else was looking for the same.  I will also leave it as a PowerPoint in case any little tweaks need to be made.  I made theses for my students and where I think they are.  I wasn't thinking generically, so I understand that some tweaking may be involved.


9-24-15: I make a couple of adjustments to the task cards.  I added numbers to keep them all straight and make the title separations into station signs.  An answer key will be coming!  I just have to finish making it!  I will also post my answer sheet for this set of task cards.


  1. Do you have the answers for this activity?

  2. Looks great... can be so versatile!

  3. Do you have an answer key? Looks great!

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