Sunday, August 18, 2013

A New School Year

Math notebooks are my biggest goal for the next year.  I am committing to them and what they entail.  I will be busy developing lots of foldables, graphic organizers, and processing pieces for the students side of the notebook.

Practice activities are my second goal.  I want the students doing more math that involves talking and exchanging ideas, yet at the same time reinforces the skills that we are learning.  Thanks to the many teachers who put their great ideas out there, I don't think will be a hard goal to keep.

Finally, putting learning goals (a.k.a standards) on the formal assessments and scoring students based on the learning goal.  I know that my students know more than they believe that they do.  Like many of us, myself included, we get hung up on the one area that confuses us or makes us uncomfortable.  By placing the learning goals on the test, I want them to see that they know more than they think and give them an area to focus for improvement.

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