Friday, July 19, 2013

A Couple Quick Summer Projects

Well, I have a goal next year to use interactive notebooks in my math classroom.  This is an idea that I toyed with for several years, but never fully committed (sigh).  I decided, after reading a lot of blogs and gathering lots of ideas, that I was going to make interactive notebooks a reality this year in Math.  So I am hoping that by going public with my goal, I will make it a reality.  I will also be blogging about what we put in them when the school year gets going. 

I really liked Sarah's idea at Everyone's a Genius ( for the front cover theme to be "Numbers about Me".  My sample covers are pictured below.  I wanted the covers to be very different from each other to show that there isn't a "right" way to make the cover.  I just want them to be creative and find how numbers are a part of their life.

My Example for 7th Grade INB Cover
My Example for 8th Grade INB Cover

The other project has many different forms and it is common on Pinterest.  It is using the word "NOISE" to help students monitor their noise level in the classroom.  I like the idea, even in the middle school classroom, but I had to put my twist on it.  First off, I don't have a lot of extra wall space in my classroom.  Hanging something vertically would be better for me, so I hung the letters vertically on a ribbon.  My other concern is that I will set the letters down and not remember where I put them.  To avoid that problem, I thought that I could just fold back the letter and use a clothespin to hold it all in place.  Now, I'm crossing my fingers that it is an easy way to help students monitor their noise level during group work and a way to help me stop giving too many chances and not issuing a consequence.
Starting point: All letters showing
"E" is folded under and held back with clothespin
"S" is folded back.
Only "No" is showing so no talking is allowed

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