Wednesday, March 26, 2014

"Hidden" Points in Point-Slope Linear Equations

Just a quick idea today.  My kiddos have been struggling to correctly identify the point in equations that use point-slope form for linear equations.  We have talked about finding the "hidden" point in the equation.  I know that the point is there in plain sight, but for my kiddos they can't see it.  We have worked on it and they are getting it, but it will need to be refreshed when we return from Spring break.

So, what I decided to do for a quick refresher was to have them look at a variety of equations and identify the point and then plot the point onto a coordinate grid.  If they identify all of the points correctly, then the graph will be a picture and they will know that they did it correctly.  I made the worksheet below, but I am tempted to make it into something more active than a worksheet, but not sure what yet.  I'll post if I change it into something else.  Feel free to use it if you think that it will help your kiddos.

Also, since the kiddos are good at identifying the slope of a line and knowing what it means, I didn't focus on the slopes of the lines.  The slopes also don't match the lines in the pictures.  My focus here was to identify a point and then to make the worksheet self checking by having the points make a picture.

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  1. I think this is a great idea to get them comfortable with point-slope form.