Monday, March 24, 2014

Frayer Model As A Summary

This idea came from having a sub for my math class (Saxon, Course 3, Lesson 43 for any Saxon users out there).  I had made a notes sheet for the class and asked the sub to have them cut it in half, fold it in half, and label appropriately "surface area" and "lateral surface area". 

As I was writing the sub notes and looking at the samples that I had made, I just wasn't happy.  I knew that this concept was hard for students to grasp how it is different from two dimensional figures.  They can work the formulas pretty well, but understanding the formulas...well, not as much.  I decided that instead of having the kiddos just label the front of the the two "card style" foldables, it was a great place to put a Frayer model for each vocabulary word.  Also, a great way for me to check in the next day and see what the kids understood and where we could clarify.  So, the picture is my rough sketch of what I wanted. 

I had always thought about using the Frayer model as an opening vocabulary activity, not as a summary and check in for understanding.  I feel like this was a "duh" moment and others have been doing this for years.  However, if there is anyone like me and is just realizing that this could be really good,  I'd love to hear where you tried this and how it went. 

I also left the sub a bunch of different sized food boxes for the kiddos to measure and practice calculating surface area and lateral area.  A pretty standard surface area activity.  Here is the recording sheet that I had them use if anyone can use it feel free.

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