Thursday, March 27, 2014

Slope from a Graph Match Up

Here is an activity that I made a while back for finding slope from a graph.  I took a Kuta Software worksheet and turned it into a matching activity.  Students were asked to match the graph to the slope.  There are multiple slopes that are the same, but the line is different which got my more inquisitive students wondering why.  Overall, it is a pretty simple activity, but it did give me a chance to answer clarifying questions and make sure that they could determine slope correctly.  The biggest reminder that I had to give was to make sure that the x-axis was horizontal.  The kiddos weren't always careful about that.  The activity took between 7-10 minutes.

I just printed the pages onto different colored pieces of paper to keep the sets together.  Card stock and lamination would always be better, but the colored paper did the job for the time being.  I cut the pieces apart and tossed the sets into a zipper lock snack bag. 

If it will be useful to you, feel free to use it.